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Veterinary Medicine from The Neolithic Age to the Internet Age

Ever since the Neolithic Era humans have been developing and refining veterinary medicine. We have created multiple ways to help the other animals that share this planet with us, and ever seek to understand other animal’s bodies through the fields of science.

Like the Hippocratic Oath for medical doctors, Veterinary Doctors are usually ethically motivated to look after animal welfare in their practices. This may be difficult for a practitioner who works on food animals, as they are only making the animal healthy so that it can be slaughtered later at only a fraction of their natural lifespan. This is the realm of bovine doctors especially, some of them even becoming vegans or vegetarians after realizing the inherent lack of empathy the food industry has for animals.

The first veterinary college was established in 1762 in France by Claude Bourgelat. After witnessing the first cattle plague, he founded the college to help find a remedy. They succeeded and restored the health of the stock of animals. This knowledge helped the agriculture of the day tremendously.

In the present day, there are many different veterinary hospitals and clinics all throughout the world. Most seem to deal with pet animals, but there are a few that also specialize in cattle, or larger types that are found in zoos, and other exotic types. One of the types is animal hospital fallston md which helps it’s non-human patients via information that it gives their human owners on their website.

Veterinary Medicine seems to be lucrative. There are over 3000 animal hospitals in the United States. The recession in 2008 has made more work for these hospitals, as well as 20,000 small veterinary practices in the country. The gains from veterinary medicine range from 1-6%.

Despite growth in this ancient practice, veterinary students are comparatively low in supply. They are learning medicine, but not getting paid nearly as well as doctors. They only make 65,000 a year starting out. A doctor comparatively makes $177,330 on average.

It’s not all about salary when people want to be a veterinarian, though. Most people go into the profession because they wish to work with animals. Some feel called, as a doctor feels similarly called to that profession. Veterinary school is difficult and challenging, but also very rewarding work. I have personally seen vets that take pride in their work and truly care about animals. This field may not be one of the top paying medical fields, but it draws people with a lot of heart, for both people” and animals.

There has been a shift as of late for women to go into veterinary medicine as opposed to men. More than 80% of veterinary students are women, it being since the 1930’s when the field was equal in gender. This reflects a lot of other industries that, once women were more able to access quality schooling, they surpassed men in numbers in some fields. 90% of veterinary technicians are women. This field is truly a woman’s world in the 21st century, even though it was started by men.